ATFMAir Traffic Flow Management
ATFMApple Tree Family Ministries (est. 1978; Artesia, CA)
ATFMAdipose Tissue-Free body Mass
ATFMAt the Foot of the Mountain (feminist theater organization)
ATFMAnalytical Trial Function Method
ATFMAgainst the Flow Ministries (California)
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Develop recommendations for initial steps of deploying an ATFM system and/or CDM tools and procedures within each of the two host economies, to enhance understanding of the benefits of the traffic flow improvements.
Its main objectives are to develop and maintain the highest level of quality of the services provided to both its Air Traffic Services (ATS) users (provision of flight plan data, best use of available airspace and airports capacity, smoothing of traffic and protection against overloads) and its Aircraft Operators (AO) users (advice on flight planning, minimization of penalties due to congestion) within the agreed ATFM policy and principles.
The project has been authorized by the ICAO Asia-Pacific ATFM Steering Group.
In Australia for example, following the deployment of ATFM and CDM with Airservices in 2012, results have shown a reduction of five minutes in flight time on the 5th busiest world city pair Melbourne-Sydney, in combination with reduced airborne holding leading to a consequent fuel burn reduction.
The scheduled trial intends to align air traffic demand and capacity at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) and to set up automated tools for modelling and executing ATFM procedures for successful execution of new air traffic control initiatives.