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ATFPAmerican Task Force on Palestine (Washington, DC)
ATFPAnti-Terrorism/Force Protection (US Army)
ATFPatypical facial pain
ATFParcus tendineus fascia pelvis
ATFPAlliance of Television and Film Producers
ATFPAfter-the-Fact-Payroll (Information Returns, Inc.)
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Through ATFP, Palestine has indeed become part of the Washington establishment.
Attenuation in the pubocervical fascia in the setting of an intact lateral attachment of the vesicopelvic ligament to the ATFP produces a central anterior compartment defect, while a lateral defect results from an intact pubocervical fascia and disrupted attachment of the vesicopelvic ligament to the ATFP.
Following Hillary's speech, the ATFP honored four Palestinian Americans - a soldier, a poet, a playwright and a builder - retired US Army Col.
When we established ATFP we did so with the understanding that there were difficult choices to make and that we have to be prepared to make them - and we have.
By supporting the lateral anterior walls at the level of the ATFP with a ring forceps, one can identify paravaginal defects and determine the role of apical failure.
The ATFP has made big contributions to the intra-Arab trade, Abu Hammour noted, adding that the Kingdom had signed 49 deals through the program.
The board of directors of the Abu Dhabi-based ATFP held its 79th meeting here earlier in the day under the chairmanship of ATFP 's CEO Dr.
Mobile Security Forces provide ATFP onboard Navy vessels and for critical airfields and foreign assets.
To date, the 544th has conducted more than 30 ATFP security swims.
ITC has an ongoing programme with ATFP on intra-Arab trade expansion.
PPG's government solutions team has been working to develop this market, and we are very happy to bring in a partner as experienced in the ATFP market as Physical Security," said Shirley Stern, PPG manager of government sales.
The project includes concrete foundations, site preparation and related infrastructure (water, electrical, communications, drainage, security access, ATFP measures, lights and storage).