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ATFSAmerican Tree Farm System
AtFSAttributed File System
ATFSAustralian Tours for Sport
ATFSAssociation of Track and Field Statisticians (International)
ATFSAuthentic Tactical Flight Simulator
ATFSA Thousand Falling Skies (Connecticut band)
ATFSAfrica Twin Freunde Sauerland
ATFSAlliance Télématique Francophone Startrek
ATFSAnalytical Techniques in Forensic Science
ATFSAerial Target Flight Services
ATFSAutomatic Terrain Following System
ATFSAfter The Forking Show (Triplem radio show)
ATFSAuto Transformer Feeder Station (Brazil railways)
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From its inception in 1941, growth of the ATFS was rapid.
By 1946, about half of the states participated in the ATFS, each with regional organization and certification criteria, (132) In 1946, the National Lumber Manufacturers Association delegated responsibility for the ATFS to the subsidiary American Forest Products Industries.
Despite early growth, the ATFS was at risk of collapse by the late 1960s due to insufficient funding and inattentive leadership.
In 1968, the American Forest Institute, the successor to American Forest Product Industry, assumed responsibility for the ATFS.
Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, the ATFS instituted a number of measures to increase the credibility of its certification.
It is useful to contextualize the emergence of the ATFS against the backdrop of the conservation movement and timber industry, at the time of the inception of the program.
The 2,500 families who manage Arkansas' ATFS forests would lose significant business.
Preventing sustainable wood products certified by organizations like the SFI and ATFS from being used in green buildings across the U.
ATFS has established standards and guidelines which property owners must meet to become a Certified Tree Farm.
The CSA, SFI, and ATFS programs have received official PEFC endorsement.
ATFS is currently pursuing endorsement by the PEFC.
USGBC has not provided a scientific rationale that justifies discriminating against the SFI program, ATFS, CSA or any of the others.