ATGLAdipose Triglyceride Lipase
ATGLAntitank Grenade Launcher
ATGLAir Transportable Galley/Lavatory
ATGLAntitank Gun Launcher
ATGLAfloat Training Group, US Atlantic Fleet
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Adiponectin, ATGL and HSL mRNA expression levels were significantly up-regulated by KPE.
ATGL and HSL are key factors that regulate adipocyte lipolysis (Lafontan and Langin 2009), and the mRNA expression levels of both were up-regulated by KPE.
8 and 10 induced an increase in the mRNA expression levels of ATGL and F1SL, an increase in the release level of glycerol, and an increase in the protein expression level of ATGL.
EERP significantly increased the expression of PPAR[gamma]2, adiponectin, Fabp4, Glut4, ATGL, and HSL (Fig.
Engineers for the manufacturer used the application to fine-tune ATGL engine operation in very cold climates.
The two oldest ATGLs are in constant operation; the other five are used on an as-needed basis -- particularly at the end of the natural gas selling cycle when additional compressors are needed to force the remaining gas out of the storage field and down the pipeline.
Initial overhauls of the cylinder heads on the two ATGLs in constant operation were performed at 25,000 hours and in both cases the heads showed minimum wear.
In addition, western blotting revealed that in the cells treated with kinsenoside at 10-50 [micro]g/ml for 1 h, kinsenoside concentration dependently induced AMPK and PPAR[alpha] phosphorylation and increased the ATGL protein level (Fig.
These effects might upregulate ATGL (a lipolysis mediator) and CPT1 (a mitochondrial transporter of FAs).
2009), who showed that AICAR-induced AMPK activation promotes energy dissipation in white adipocytes through ATGL upregulation.
No difference was found in activities of FAS, HSL, LPL, ATGL, DGAT2, [DELTA]5FAD, and [DELTA]6FAD (Table 6; (P > 0.
In the current study, ATGL, LPL, and HSL activities of shrimp at both 3 and 30 were more than those at 17, indicating that lipid mobilization has increased, because ATGL (TAG hydrolysis), LPL, and HSL are crucial enzymes in lipid mobilization by performing the first step in hydrolyzing TAG to generate diacylglycerol and free fatty acid (Osuga et al.