ATGMantitank guided missile (US DoD)
ATGMAir to Ground Missile
ATGMantitank guided munition (US DoD)
ATGMAll Tube Gamma Monitor
ATGMAstegmen (3rd Lieutenant in Turkish Army)
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It enables to fire the automatic gun and coupled machine gun both in the stationary position and on the move, while firing ATGM only while stationary.
In closing, through the combined employment of indirect fires of the M777 and the armor defeating capabilities of the ATGM company, the Stryker MGS, and M98A2 Javelin, the SBCT is capable of defeating any armor threat the U.
In every instance the sensors correctly pinpointed the missiles, and the Advanced Development ATIRCM jammer succeeded in confusing the missile seekers, causing the ATGMs to miss their targets.
Based on its experience in Desert Storm, the Army determined that the accuracy of ATGMs and their advanced warheads pose a serious threat to ground vehicles and crew survivability.
The squadron's gunnery resulted in 49 of 51 crews qualified on Table VI, with the anti-armor troop being unable to conduct an ATGM live fire due to persistent fog.
The migration to ICVs from ATGMs facilitated the addition of these personnel, but maintaining accurate rosters of key leaders and attachments is something akin to herding cats.
The mechanized infantry platoon has four Stryker vehicles and three "Javelin" ATGM launchers.
Each reconnaissance troop has three reconnaissance platoons, each of which is mounted on four reconnaissance Strykers each with "Javelin" ATGM launcher.
The TOW ITAS and the LRAS3 are the only second generation FLIR systems in the IBCT; as a result, the ATGM company will find itself assigned many key roles to support IBCT operations.
It was as powerful as the heavy "Komet" ATGM and, considering the proliferation of this fairly light infantry weapon, they figured that it had become the most dangerous adversary of modem Russian main battle tanks and a very disturbing development.
Conceivably, this could also include Tula's KBP (Instrument Industry Design Bureau) one-man Kliver turret, designed for the BTR-60/70/80; a 30mm 2A72 automatic cannon with AT-13 Kornet ATGM.
He stressed on the need to indigenously develop a family of ATGMs that can be launched from a variety of platforms.