ATGMAntitank Guided Missile (US DoD)
ATGMAntitank Guided Munition (US DoD)
ATGMAir to Ground Missile
ATGMAstegmen (3rd Lieutenant in Turkish Army)
ATGMAll Tube Gamma Monitor
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The ATGM Nag is a third generation "fire-and-forget" anti-tank missile.
The vehicle also has a KBP Drozd-2 APS and may include ATGM countermeasures.
h) The Islamic State had previously used ATGM "snipers" to pick off significant numbers of Iraqi armored vehicles south of Baiji in April and May 2015.
G Satheesh Reddy, said that with the successful test flights, the technologies pertaining to ATGM to engage targets in different conditions have been established.
With these two successful flight trials, and the flight test conducted earlier in June; the complete functionality of Nag ATGM along with launcher system NAMICA has been established and marked the successful completion of development trials of Nag Missile.
It mirrors Russian armament designs, notably with its 125mm gun and gun-launched ATGMs, and reflect many Western inspired protection approaches, notably through the use of welded armour and ERA.
This ATGM Company employs tube-launched, optically-tracked, wire-guided (TOW) systems mounted on Strykers and is highly effective at destroying armor at a range of 3,750 meters.
The embedded training module (ETM) computer, NSN 5998-01-524-0260, will be removed from all M1133 MEV, M1134 ATGM, M1131 FSV, M1129/A1 MC, and M1127 RV Strykers during the next RESET, retrofit or annual service.
The helicopter-launched ATGM was conceived as a "quick-reaction" defensive weapon for front-line army-sized units.
The Fire and Forget 3rd generation ATGM Nag is incorporated with many advanced technologies including the Imaging Infrared Radar (IIR) Seeker with integrated avionics, a capability which is possessed by few nations in the world.
In Iraq and Afghanistan, and other conflicts around the globe, you've seen the rise of dismounted ATGM teams, the need to fight in an urban environment with a very diverse target set," he said.