ATGPACAfloat Training Group, Pacific
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In studying logistics readiness data on Pacific Fleet ships, ATGPAC Logistics personnel observed that over a two-year deployment cycle, shipboard supply readiness tended to follow a sine wave shaped curve.
To certify a ship's supply readiness, ATGPAC provided training and conducted an SMA and SMI, where the SMA is an assessment and the SMI is the official certification.
The ATGPAC storekeepers are a team of combat logistic professionals who have been personally selected to provide training and support to shipboard personnel.
The ATGPAC MS Assessment Team also offers off duty in-rate advancement training for all mess management specialists.
The Pay, Personnel and Administration Training (PPAT) Team at ATGPAC San Diego are prescreened and selected among the finest in the fleet.
The ATGPAC Maintenance and Material Management (3-M) team's primary goal is providing 3-M training and support to Navy ships and shore commands.
For COMNAVSURFPAC ships, monthly CMP files are forwarded to ATGPAC.
The ATGPAC Fleet Integrated CMP Support (FICS) Team was recently formed to assist COMNAVSURFPAC ships with using CMP to monitor and improve on-board processes in Stock Control (S-1) Division and Food Service (S-2) Division.