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ATHENAAward to Honor Excellence in Newspaper Advertising (Newspaper Association of America)
ATHENAAdvanced Teleoperation for Earthwork Equipment Navigation
ATHENAAdvanced Thermal Hydraulic Energy Network Analyzer
ATHENAAthletes Targeting Healthy Exercise and Nutrition Alternatives (program to discourage steroid use by female athletes)
ATHENAAdvanced Technologies for Interoperability of Heterogeneous Enterprise Networks and Their Applications (project; EU)
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Incorporating CCMC's Code of Ethics into all Athena Forum coursework helps us meet our goal of providing the most up-to-date and ethical course curricula to our online learners," he says.
She is excited to introduce the Athena curriculum and its benefits to students and parents in these neighborhoods.
Masaru Kosaka, Chairman and President at Athena, commented: "Being awarded the 3 leading global security certifications, Common Criteria EAL +4, FIPS 140-2 Level and ICP Brazil, on a single smart card platform, is testament to the continuous hard work and commitment that Athena puts into the security aspects related to the design and development of its products and to meeting its customers' security needs, wherever they are based.
Athena water is available in a 24-pack of half-liter bottles that has a suggested retail of $4.
A source at Athena, who asked not to be identified, said that Dubin left "to form his own company.
Athena does not do that which to me means she has a very bright future as a poet and will not be limited to simply writing about the personal.
This project will capitalize on the growing demand for Manhattan-style luxury residences within the Jersey City Waterfront District", said Louis Dubin, president of The Athena Group.
The airline said that its partnership with Athena began in October 2005 when the airline served Athena bottled water to support women's cancer initiatives during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Of all the figures of Olympus, Athena is by far the most dualistic in nature.
Launched in Birmingham last week at the Westley Arms Hotel in Acocks Green, Athena will take and pass on messages; provide reminders of appointments; read out e-mails; look up telephone numbers and addresses; add addresses to standard letters and then di spatch them by fax or print them out ready for posting by human colleagues.
The Athena Wireless radios are the first fully-digital gigabit millimeter wave radios, maintaining the smallest size and weight of any millimeter wave radio in the market.
Our quantitative traders and strategists use these open source packages," said Brad Banks, CEO of Athena Capital Research, "Tools like numpy and pandas assist in their research, making capital markets more efficient through automated trading.