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ATHENAAward to Honor Excellence in Newspaper Advertising (Newspaper Association of America)
ATHENAAdvanced Teleoperation for Earthwork Equipment Navigation
ATHENAAdvanced Thermal Hydraulic Energy Network Analyzer
ATHENAAthletes Targeting Healthy Exercise and Nutrition Alternatives (program to discourage steroid use by female athletes)
ATHENAAdvanced Technologies for Interoperability of Heterogeneous Enterprise Networks and Their Applications (project; EU)
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What has not been taken into account is that the Athenian Plynteria probably did not involve the removal and washing of the statue of Athena Polias.
This new partnership allows Athena Wireless to take advantage of Solutelia's respected position as the global engineering consulting resource to the telecommunications industry.
Cooper is the Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Athena.
She is excited to introduce the Athena curriculum and its benefits to students and parents in these neighborhoods.
Athena has worked for three years on a production platform that will raise the standards of reliability.
Athena is also bringing some truly chilly temperatures along for the ride.
Named after the Greek goddess of purity, wisdom and strength, Athena encourages everyone to join the fight against breast cancer with a simple bottle of water.
Athena IT-Group's ERP business delivers ERP solutions from Microsoft and SAP, and recorded a turnover of DKK4.
The Athena Group, LLC is a private real estate investment and development company based in New York City.
After the award was presented to Murphy, the Anchorage ATHENA Society went into a hiatus-created when several supporters left the Anchorage Chamber board.
Enter patron e-mail addresses--Users can now store patron e-mail addresses in Athena.
O'Brien, chief executive officer and founder of Athena Real Estate, said, "We are extremely pleased to acquire Morningside RV Estates.