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ATIGAsthma Targeted Intervention Grant (Australia)
ATIGAustralian Tyre Importers Group
ATIGAda Type-Interchange Generator (software)
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ATIG will build on our current ability to support those needs for data centre, collaboration, infrastructure, cloud and managed services, and will also strengthen our relationship with key vendor partners Cisco, VMWare and HP.
ATIG has also developed a strategic alliance with several gaming executives to apply for a slot distribution license in the State of Pennsylvania.
ATIG has offered to donate a license to use its online casino management software, free of charge, for one (1) year to any state that passes an Internet Gaming bill.
This is a viable solution to many problems," said ATIG President & CEO Donald L.
Under a Software Licensing and Management Agreement which ATIG previously entered into with Atlantis Gaming Corp, ATIG is entitled to forty percent (40%) of the total gross winnings which are generated from lawful users of the websites, Gross winnings is defined as the total revenues generated from lawful users on the websites, less any amounts paid out as winnings to such users.
According to ATIG President Donald Bailey, "We are very excited about the fact that Atlantis Gaming is now ready to turn its 'play for fun' operations into 'for pay' operations, and that our Virtual Reality Casino software and support services will be proven again on these six websites.