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ATIMAAs Their Interests May Appear
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19) Sobre los atimoi y la atima khremata, Valdes Guia (2006: 147, 153 y nn.
Atima Srivastava's Looking for Maya (1999), for example, features a suspicious agent who pronounces "that Asian writing was in vogue these days" which is good news for Srivastava's naive twenty-plus heroine Mira who'd like "to write a novel.
Bandant bandinius iki 0,8 MPa (W8 nepralaidumo marke), slegio ir laiko sandaugu suma [summation] P x T = 32 ir tai atima bandymo pagal LST EN 12390-8 rezimui--[summation] S P x T = 36.
This is beautifully illustrated in the case of Atima Ahwang, whose status under the Act in Queensland was never fully determined despite becoming a test case for consideration by the Crown solicitor.
Women and men also wore atima, woven mourning nets that covered much of women's bodies, in particular, and men's heads and faces, almost continuously as a result of the elaborate mourning process.
It can also be a stereotype that hybrid positioning necessitates the foregrounding of cultural conflicts, Atima Srivastava believes:
Other, maybe minor, omissions are Bangla-TV, the comedian Ali G (he is mentioned, but not in a separate entry), KelpRa, which promotes black writing, Bittersweet, a volume of poetry by black women that was succeeded by successful poetry readings throughout the UK, actors Thomas Baptiste (the first black actor in Coronation Street) and Mona Hammond, and writers such as Bidisha, Ray Anthony, Simi Bedford, Abdullah Hussein, Atima Srivastava, and Alex Wheatle.
El Mochito, la mina mas grande en Honduras, es un deposito de reemplazamiento encajado por el miembro Atima de la caliza Yojoa.
Many of the comments that a reviewer might make about Atima Srivastava's second novel, Looking for Maya, have already been made by the narrator.
Taciau del degalu porcijos ar konvertuotos energijos kiekio diferencijavimo dvieju faziu degimo procese (KDF ir DDF) bei papildomu HRC Vibe parametru kiekio dvigubos Vibe funkcijos taikymas yra santykinai sudetingas ir atima daug laiko.
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