ATINAdoption Taxpayer Identification Number (US IRS)
ATINAccess to Information Network (Philippines)
ATINAcute Tubulointerstitial Nephritis
ATINATEC Test Integration Network
ATINAlien Taxpayer Identification Number
ATINApplication, Transport, Internetwork, Network (TCP Model Layers )
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where, level l in an ATIN corresponds to a set of preconditions ([C.
In this section, we generalize the core problem solutions expressed in Theorem 1, Section 3, to the sequence of actions depicted by the ATIN in Fig.
Assume that a given ATIN model has 'N' number of levels and each level has 'k' links, then the complexity is given as O (N x k).
Problems 3a and 3b impose dependency constraints on the actions in the ATIN network.
Taxpayers should apply for an ATIN if they are in the process of adopting a child and they meet ALL of the following qualifications:
Taxpayers who are in an adoption process may not be able to obtain a new or existing SSN for the child, and will need to request an ATIN in order to claim the child as a dependent or to claim the child care credit.
The ATIN requirements are effective for 1997 tax returns.