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ATIPAccess to Information and Privacy (Canada)
ATIPAbsolute Time in Pregroove
ATIPAccess to Information and Privacy
ATIPAttributed Tip Income Program (US Internal Revenue Service)
ATIPAsian Technology Information Program
ATIPAbsolute Time in Pregroove (CD technology)
ATIPAlternative to Incarceration Program (various locations)
ATIPAssociation Technique de l'Industrie Papetière (French: Paper Industry Technical Association)
ATIPAnti-Trafficking in Persons
ATIPAda Technology Insertion Program
ATIPAnalog Trunk Interface Processor
ATIPAlternate Training Instructional Program (Marine Forces Reserves)
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This newly authorized funding will be applied to incorporating modifications to the ATIP System to take full advantage of the recently completed ATIP Adaptive Coding capability, commented Fred Kornberg, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp.
The legacy records-based information environment and key features such as the ATIP regimes are founded on vertical accountability models, at the apex of which are the roles assigned to Ministers, as "Heads" of government institutions, for decisions relating to records management and release.
The ATIP said upgrades to the vehicle's suspension would reduce the amount of force transferred to the chassis, thereby lowering operation and maintenance costs.
The ATIP program is available for an initial three-year period from January 1, 2007, through December 31, 2009.
The main challenge for current DVD chip suppliers that wish to add a CD recording function is the development of CD encoding logic to add error correction codes to the data, ATIP decoding logic to read the faint guiding signal on blank media, write strategy logic for fine tuning the pit and space sizes as they are being written to the media, and CDRW AFE technology including servo sampling to allow for focus, tracking and power level detection, and control during the write process.
Improved profitability from FICA tax tip credits and cash benefits from the ATIP program.
It commissioned the Bas-Rhin CAUE and the ATIP to accompany the project to study and organize a consultation for the construction of the public spaces of the new center.
The contract extension also included exercising options under an Engineering Support Services option to participate in integration and test activities to validate the US Navy's planned PPPoE interface between the ATIP and Automated Digital Network System (ADNS).
Comtech said this award provides Adaptive Coding capability to the terminals, which was a planned performance improvement requirement under the existing ATIP contract awarded to Comtech EF Data in April 2013.
ATIP for budding comedians out there: always carry a spare cigarette packet.
The successful navigation and application of ATIP legislation requires much patience.
Some ATIP members specialize in services to the legal, healthcare, chemical, or computer industries, while others offer advanced skills in public records or Internet research.