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ATIPAccess to Information and Privacy (Canada)
ATIPAttributed Tip Income Program (US Internal Revenue Service)
ATIPAsian Technology Information Program
ATIPAbsolute Time in Pregroove (CD technology)
ATIPAssociation Technique de l'Industrie Papetière (French: Paper Industry Technical Association)
ATIPAnti-Trafficking in Persons
ATIPAda Technology Insertion Program
ATIPAnalog Trunk Interface Processor
ATIPAlternate Training Instructional Program (Marine Forces Reserves)
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The partnership included the ATIP Foundation, the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) North America, and ARS.
The ATIP is a Layer-2 Ethernet bridging device installed on ship, shore and submarine platforms in the Navy Multiband Terminal (NMT).
According to the company, the initial ATIP programme awarded to Comtech EF Data is providing significant improvements to the AEHF system's performance through dynamic bandwidth management, support for higher XRD date rates, and increased throughput capacity.
The ATIP said upgrades to the vehicle's suspension would reduce the amount of force transferred to the chassis, thereby lowering operation and maintenance costs.
The main challenge for current DVD chip suppliers that wish to add a CD recording function is the development of CD encoding logic to add error correction codes to the data, ATIP decoding logic to read the faint guiding signal on blank media, write strategy logic for fine tuning the pit and space sizes as they are being written to the media, and CDRW AFE technology including servo sampling to allow for focus, tracking and power level detection, and control during the write process.
Improved profitability from FICA tax tip credits and cash benefits from the ATIP program.
It also provides for the eventual production of the ATIP terminals at a firm-fixed price over a four-year period through 2018.
ATIP for budding comedians out there: always carry a spare cigarette packet.
The successful navigation and application of ATIP legislation requires much patience.
Through this public-private partnership, led by the ATIP Foundation, the agriculture sector has created a model of leveraging public and private resources to address sustainability and economic prosperity by enhancing research on land management practices.
ATIP US-China Workshop on HPC: Challenges and Advantages of Specialized Hardware