ATIRAir Traffic Incident Report (aviation)
ATIRArt Theorists of the Italian Renaissance (online database)
ATIRAnnual Training Input Requirement
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ATIR documents reveal that the following elements are not disclosed to the applicant in a conviction review application: (1) timelines for the investigative stage; (114) (2) persons interviewed at the investigation stage; (115) and (3) the separate report with a recommendation to the Minister of Justice, and any other recommendations previously made to the Minister.
The ATIR submitted does not suggest that there are any guidelines as to which components of the process are subsumed within solicitor-client privilege.
They offer five models of ATIR to meet the varying demands and customer requirements and have a machine for each size of undertaking from 100 to above 1000 people.
Kiadis Pharma, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, has received a notice of patent allowance for its blood cancer treatment, ATIR, in the United States.
It was reported yesterday that the patent protects various aspects of the cell-based product, including rhodamine derivative's composition of matter, vital steps involved in ATIR manufacturing process and therapeutic use of ATIR in preventing graft-versus-host disease connected with allogeneic stem cell transplantations.
ATIR is a cell-based medicinal product candidate enabling stem cell transplantations from mismatched (haploidentical) family donors to patients suffering from blood cancer.
ATIR is designed for blood cancer patients in need of allogeneic bone marrow transplantation, who do not have a matched donor available.
Kiadis reports ATIR has shown good clinical results in a Phase I/II study in patients who received haploidentical mismatched bone marrow transplantation from a family member donor.
This is an important strategic milestone in the development of ATIR as a novel approach which may enable a safe and potentially lifesaving mismatched bone marrow transplantation as a treatment option for end-stage blood cancer patients," said Dr.
In the study, the efficacy of ATIR will be investigated in patients diagnosed with AML, ALL or MDS eligible for an allogeneic bone marrow transplant but for whom no matching donor is available.
The Department preferred an appeal against the said order before the ATIR.
The municipality Schagen, in collaboration with ATIR eg from Almere program requirements for the maintenance cleaning, window cleaning supplies and sanitary ware for its buildings made.