ATIRCMAdvanced Threat Infrared Countermeasures
ATIRCMAdvanced Tactical Infrared Countermeasures
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An improved countermeasure dispenser, called ICMD, is in low-rate production and is planned to be added to the ATIRCM suites.
The Army is speeding up the development of a common missile warning system, to enhance the performance of the ATIRCM, the SIRCM and the ALE-47.
DIRCM production could stabilize at, or increase from, 2004 levels; there is plenty of ATIRCM market yet to be captured.
Army and currently deployed on military helicopters, ATIRCM has proven to be highly effective in protecting both rotary and fixed wing aircraft.
The ATIRCM system and AAR-57 Common Missile Warning System greatly enhances overall aircraft survivability against current and evolving threats.
BAE's ATIRCM system is a laser-based infrared countermeasures system that protects aircraft against widely deployed heat-seeking missiles.
That capability makes it more reliable and effective than the combined flashlamp infrared jam laser on the current ATIRCM system.
The ATIRCM tracks an incoming missile, steering a beam of modulated jamming energy onto the missile seeker.
The second order that the Company received from BAE Systems was an order for the delivery of customized lasers for an adaptation of the military ATIRCM system for use on commercial or military airplanes.
By successfully developing and delivering customized lasers for BAE's ATIRCM military system, StockerYale is well positioned to deliver a variation of this laser for use within this prospective commercial application.
BAE SYSTEMS' ATIRCM is the next-generation countermeasure to protect military aircraft from infrared-guided missiles.
During the tests, live missiles were fired at an infrared source located near the ATIRCM jammer and CMWS sensors -- both of which were mounted on a cable car simulating an airborne vehicle such as a helicopter.