ATJAccess to Justice
ATJAssociation of Teachers of Japanese
ATJAccording to Jim (Jim Belushi TV show)
ATJAccess Technology Japan (Japanese IT recruiting company)
ATJAll Trucking Jobs (job service; Rodgers Media, LLC)
ATJAction Team for Jobs (UK)
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Brazil, a world leader in the production of sugar cane ethanol, can leverage the Byogy ATJ process and lead the world in the development of a truly sustainable renewable aviation fuel industry.
one of China's leading fabless semiconductor companies, today announced that one of its mainstream products, the ATJ 2097, was selected by the Ministry of Information Industry ("MII") of the People's Republic of China as the "China Chip with Best Market Performance in 2006.
Unlike the confusing term drop-in fuel, which is defined as the final mixture of hydrocarbon additive products with jet fuel produced from oil, Byogy's proprietary ATJ process produces one of the world's first full replacement fuel that does not require blending, and also demonstrates performance characteristics better than jet fuel produced from oil.
If engine operation is normal, as with the ATJ blend, then we progress to flying with both engines on the new fuel," he said.
Boubacar Diallo sought work at ATJ Industrial Services, a Middlesbrough recruitment agency, in June last year.
Mr Sohpal had worked at ATJ Birmingham Ltd, of Foremans Road, Sparkhill which made taxi cab parts.
Andrew Drazic entered the family business, ATJ Electrical--then a ten person firm--in 1999.
Heinen PP, Rijsewijk FA, de Boer-Luijtze EA, Bianchi ATJ.
ATJ JURISPRUDENCE, June 1999, passim (providing a detailed history of the right to counsel and the "'Civil Gideon" movement, and arguing that the fundamental right of access to justice "encompasses a right to counsel in civil cases"), available at http://www.
Pay special attention to the Ranger ATJ (all-terrain jacket).
ATJ Holdings Ltd want to refurbish and alter existing retail and residential units to accommodate the two further flats.
The project would integrate Beta's PROESA(TM) technology and Gevo's GIFT([R]) and ATJ technologies, with anticipated production plants to be located where cellulosic feedstocks such as switchgrass, miscanthus, agriculture residues and other biomass will be readily available.