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ATLASAutomatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software (software library)
ATLASAdvanced Transaction Lookup and Signaling
ATLASAutomatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software
ATLASAtmospheric Laboratory for Applications and Science
ATLASA Toroidal LHC Apparatus (experiment at the CERN physics laboratory)
ATLASAdvisory Team for Large Applications (UK)
ATLASAssessment of Treatment with Lisinopril And Survival
ATLASAbbreviated Test Language for All Systems
ATLASArchitecture and Tools for Linguistic Analysis Systems
ATLASArgonne Tandem Linear Accelerator System
ATLASAbbreviated Test Language for Avionics Systems
ATLASAll Terrain Lifter, Army System
ATLASAlliance for Tax, Legal, and Accounting Seminars
ATLASApplied Technologies for Learning in the Arts and Sciences
ATLASAirborne Terrestrial Applications Sensor (NASA Stennis Space Center)
ATLASAirborne Tunable Laser Absorption Spectrometer
ATLASAutonomous Temperature Line Acquisition System
ATLASArizona Tracking and Location Automated System (child support)
ATLASArtificial Tele-Empathic Logistics Analysis System (fictional, Starcraft)
ATLASAll-Optical Terabit-Per-Second Lambda Shifted Transmission
ATLASAutomated Tray Label Assignment System (US Postal Service)
ATLASAToroidal LHC ApparatuS
ATLASAccounting Transaction Ledger Archival System
ATLASAssociation of Technical Lighting and Access Specialists (UK)
ATLASAnchorage Transparent LAN Service
ATLASAdvanced Testing Line for Actinide Separations
ATLASAtmospheric and Terrestrial Laboratory for Applications in Space
ATLASAdvanced Traffic Laboratory for Automated Systems
ATLASAdvanced Technology Laser System
ATLASAdvanced Technology Loading Articulated Shiplifts (Syncrolift)
ATLASArmy Tactical Light Analysis System
ATLASActive Teens Leading And Supervising
ATLASAutomated Time Labor Attendance System
ATLASAdvanced Target Location And Strike
ATLASAdvanced Technology Launching Study program
ATLASUSCG Intelligence Center Washington
ATLASAdvanced Thermal Limit Analysis System
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Atlas Copco Tanzania will remain under the responsibility of Atlas Copco Eastern Africa's regional office based in Nairobi, Kenya.
Arbor is continuing to work with its service provider customers, today representing more than 70% of global providers, to expand the ATLAS Initiative.
By offering third-party ad serving for the full spectrum of digital advertising formats -- banners, search, rich media and now in-stream video -- the Atlas Digital Marketing Suite is enabling more avenues for creative optimization and improved targeting.
The key message here is that BNUs matter - advertisers should not treat these as an afterthought to their campaigns, but rather take a more strategic, planned approach," said the study's author John Chandler-Pepelnjak, Atlas principal analyst.
Enterprise Retention Program Accelerator: PSS Systems is bundling a functional classification schema, standard retention schedules, and frequently-referenced legal research and citations free with its Atlas ERM solution.
With the successful acquisition of Arpic Engineering, Atlas Copco gained access to larger production facilities and increased its competence in portable compressors.
Says Gunnar Brock, President and CEO of the Atlas Copco Group: "The sponsorship of the Gotheborg highlights the strong commitment that Atlas Copco has towards trade with China, and underlines our values to customers: superior productivity, driven by innovation, interaction and commitment.
On average, 44% of search users are also being shown display ads from the same advertiser, which means that there is significant enough overlap that advertisers should be measuring this effect," said Esco Strong of the Atlas Institute, and author of the report.
The technology and expertise of Atlas On Demand enable leading agencies and advertisers to plan, manage, track and optimize their digital video campaigns," said Atlas On Demand Senior Vice President Scott Ferris.
Most recently, Karl Siebrecht served as senior vice president and general manager of Atlas Enterprise.
We selected the BroadWorks residential VoIP application platform because it offers the greatest scalability so we can ultimately serve hundreds of thousands of users; it offers a full range of enhanced features that will meet the needs of our users; and it combines the DECT and SIP technologies intelligently to provide the only configuration of its kind in existence," said Pompiliu Tripa, President of Atlas Telecom Eastern Europe.
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