ATLGAttitudes Toward Lesbians and Gay Men
ATLGAtlanta Trial Lawyers Group (Atlanta, GA)
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As with the ATLG and the GAP's behavior domain, significant correlations between the HATH and the GAP's belief domain were expected.
000); the correlation between the behavior domain and the ATLG was .
Assessing attitudes toward lesbians and gay men: A review of the empirical research with the ATLG scale.
Herek's factor analytic studies of the ATLG generally resulted in the identification of a primary factor accounting for the majority of explained variance in responses (Herek, 1984; 1994).
First, even Herek (1994) acknowledged that many of the items of the ATLG correspond ".
Herek reported that the ATLG and its subscales have consistently shown high levels of internal consistency, with alpha levels greater than .
The overall distribution of sample scores on the ATLG ranged from 20 (all strongly negatives) to 140 (all strongly positives).
Since a cutoff point for what is considered negative has not been established for the ATLG, scores of those who expressed a low average acceptance response on each item were calculated from 1 to 3 on the 7-point continuum or less than or equal to 60 on the total scale of 20 to 140.
A general linear analysis of variance (ANOVA) was conducted using scores from the ATLG as the dependent variable and degree sought, gender, sexual orientation, race, and religious identity as the fixed factors.