ATLISAIDS Treatment for Life International Survey (International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care; Chicago, IL)
ATLISAccess to Libraries in Swansea (UK)
ATLISAirborne Tracking Laser Identification System
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PHOTO : Thomson-CSF's new CLDP derivative of ATLIS has an exchangeable night-capable sensor.
This picture shows an offensive loadout: two Paveway II LGBs with an ATLIS laser designator and video pod.
Hol brings to the position a rock-solid understanding of the legal process stemming from his 20-year track record of successful account management with major litigation support vendors including ATLIS, Researchers and Compulit.
Ruby Mining Company (OTCBB:RUBM), a Colorado Corporation, d/b/a Admiralty Corporation ("Admiralty") today announced its plan to expand its business by utilizing its proprietary ATLIS technology first designed to locate and recover historic shipwrecks.
Admiralty now believes its ATLIS technology may provide assistance to governmental authorities in the detection and location of unexploded ordnance (bombs, artillery shells, ammunition, and weapons) commonly known as "UXO.
Admiralty believes the use of ATLIS technology could significantly reduce the expenditure of time and financial resources.
Most recently he was president of ATLIS Information Systems in Rockville, Md.