ATLLAdult T-Cell Leukemia/Lymphoma (cancer)
ATLLAnderson Township Little League (Cincinnati, OH)
ATLLAssistive Technology Lending Library
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ACCIONA and BTG Pactual have noted of the recent decisions taken by the Catalonia Superior Court of Justice involving the rejection of the interim measures lodged by, on the one hand, Sociedad General de Aguas de Barcelona (Agbar), and on the other hand by ACCIONA Agua and ATLL Concessionaria of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in connection with the award of the management and public service provision contract of the Ter-Llobregat water supply network.
In particular, ACCIONA Agua has constructed and is operating installations which, as the case of ATLL, manage capture point network water supplies.
Our company will be applying at ATLL all of its decades-long proven track record and experience gleaned from projects carried out on the five continents.
This finding of an association between HTLV-1 and ATLL led to the virus's inclusion among human carcinogenic pathogens (4).
Histopathologic appearance was consistent with a diagnosis of ATLL, and T-cell receptor rearrangement studies revealed a monoclonal band.
The light choreography, created by ag4 in close collaboration the architects ruisanchez arquitectes and ATLL, explores the various themes concerning the sustainable management and use of water reserves while simultaneously emphasizing the form and function of the building.
ATLL has a strong relationship to HTLV-1, and is usually endemic in areas of Japan, the Caribbean, South America and Africa [62], However, geographic data and HTLV-1 serology status in this study were not reported.
The hallmark of ATLL pathogenesis is the development of IL-2-independent T cell proliferation, which appears to result from the gradual development of constitutive JAK3 activation.
The differential diagnosis of PLL includes the prolymphocytic transformation of CLL, HCL, WM, MLLP, plasma cell leukemia (PCL), SS, and ATLL.
CORPORATE ACTIVITY IN THE RECENT PAST - A HISTORIC PERSPECTIVE BUILDER II-103 GE Partners with ATLL for Commissioning River Water Desalination Facility II-103 GLV Acquires Intellectual Rights and Patents from Elcotech Technologies II-103 Cameron to Acquire NATCO II-103 Severn Trent Services Purchases Apliclor II-104 GLV Acquires Christ Water Technology II-104 General Environmental Management Purchases Santa Clara Waste Water II-104 Veolia Acquires Organica Holding II-104 A.