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ATM25ATM Forum Defined 25 6mbit/S Cell Based User Interface
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Although ATM25 is a good alternative to switched Ethernet or token ring networks that approach their maximum capacity, companies still need to carefully consider the lack of available ATM applications, unless the development of multimedia or videoconferencing is their main business.
The EscaLynx DSL CAP router provides users with four different interface options, including Autosensing ATM25/Ethernet; Ethernet and ATM25; ATM25, and Ethernet.
This new order, combined with an earlier order for ARESCOM's ATM25 Bridge and Router equipment, increases to (US)$20 million the total orders of ARESCOM's modem and router units for shipments to CWHKT.
Other new features include a PCI codec choice in addition to the ISA codec choice, 384K bandwidth options including ATM25 and multi-rate ISDN BRI, and the ability to save and print Chat sessions.
The flexible design includes a built-in 10BaseT port and four option slots to accept one of the many Network Interface Modules, including SDSL, ADSL, 10BaseT Ethernet, USI (Universal Serial Interface), T1/E1 CSU/DSU, ATM25 and POTS.
Future versions of the remote unit will provide both 10BASE-T and ATM25 customer interfaces.