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ATMELAtmospheric Electricity Measurements
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As a leader in the design and manufacture of storage and broadband communication solutions, Atmel is committed to deliver to its customers a higher performance solution at a lower cost for the next generation of switches for network connectivity.
The software package licensed by Atmel supports any application requiring cryptographic services taking full advantage of the TPM and is compliant with Microsoft(R)'s crypto-API specification.
commented, "The adoption of IAR Embedded Workbench for Atmel ARM7 core- and ARM9 core-based microcontrollers underscores the strength of our technology.
Tower and Atmel will be developing CMOS image sensor-related processes, including technology modules specifically designed for advanced photodiode structures.
The decision to move forward with greater technical and marketing collaboration with Atmel will provide additional tools, for both our organizations, to better serve our customers and considerably lower their systems costs," said Michel Guay, President and CEO of Wavesat.
Philippe Guillemette, Wavecom's Chief Technology Officer, stated, "This is a significant milestone for Wavecom as an organization -- the partnership with Atmel marks a new step for the company, as we move into the silicon space.
The AT43USB370 integrates all of the USB intelligence on chip," commented Jeff Gao, USB Marketing Manager at Atmel.
Note to Editors: Atmel, the Atmel logo, CryptoMemory and combinations thereof are registered trademarks of Atmel Corporation.
Our highly integrated single RF transmitters are the perfect solution to help minimize the size of the end product," Torsten Mann, Marketing Director for Automotive and Control Products at Atmel, explained.
Working with Atmel has been a gratifying experience.
Under the terms of the agreement, InterDigital will license its AIM ANTENNA technology, which includes patented antenna designs and steering software, to Atmel for incorporation on Atmel's WLAN platforms.
For the past 20 years, Atmel has applied its extensive knowledge base and IP in the silicon security market place to create innovative custom and industry standard products, such as secure microcontrollers, CryptoMemory(R) and FingerChip(TM).