ATMIAATM Industry Association
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ATMIA said "tens of thousands" of independent ATMs now offer person-to-person (P2P) money transfer capabilities, and many financial institutions are deploying ATMs that use contactless technology so that customers can pre-stage their cash withdrawals and perform other transactions.
has elevated its commercial interests above the public interest in America," ATMIA CEO Mike Lee said in a press release issued after Visa's announcement.
Lana Harmelink, International Director of ATMIA, said, 'The ATM in general, and the Personal Identification Number (PIN) in particular, are extremely secure and safe for consumer use.
For ATMs, XP's successor is generally Windows 7, but support for that operating system officially ends in 2020 -- creating another upgrade project, ATMIA noted.
8 bn global mobile phone users with the 3 m globally deployed ATMs, according to GSMA and ATMIA respectively.
The number of ATMs has been growing rapidly in Latin America, according to ATMIA, increasing as much as 16% over the past six years.
The ATMIA is the trade association for primarily independent ATM firms.
ATMIA says it intends to offer special group pricing on its ATMIA Academy online educational/training services for ATM operations staff.
ATMIA has a Windows 7 migration committee helping the industry worldwide prepare for this upcoming migration of its ATM operating systems and to look ahead at how to synchronize hardware and software cycles ahead of the 2020 end-of-support for Windows 7.
The bank's representatives were able to see the ATM in action at last year's ATMIA in Cape Town and at a recent NCR Branch Transformation event.
Ford stressed that his opinions about the ATM litigation phenomenon were his alone and did not represent the opinions of the ATMIA.