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ATNAttention (IEEE-488 / IEC-625 Interface Bus)
ATNAfrica Trade Network
ATNAugmented Transition Network
ATNAtlantic Tele-Network, Inc. (also seen as ATNI; Beverly, MA)
ATNAll Together Now (Beatles song)
ATNAdvanced Tiros N (satellite)
ATNAmateur Television Network (FastScan)
ATNAction Performance Companies, Inc. (stock symbol; Phoenix, AZ)
ATNAccount Telephone Number
ATNAusbildungs- und Tätigkeitsnachweis (German: training and activity proof, water emergency service)
ATNAlbinism, Tyrosinase-Negative
ATNAgri-Food Trade Network (Canada)
ATNAdaptive Tactical Navigation
ATNassign thresholds (US DoD)
ATNAcyclic Transmission Network
ATNAccelerator Technical Note
ATNAstrophysical Teletype Network
ATNApplication Technologies Nouvelles (French: Application for New Technologies; est. 1986)
ATNAgTa1-xNbxO3 (Silver tantalate niobate; ferroelectric material)
ATNAutomatic Track Number (SYS-1)
ATNAustralian Television Network (Sydney, Australia)
ATNAcross the Nightmare (Dance Dance Revolution song)
ATNApplication Transport Network (computing)
ATNAir Technology Network
ATNAeronautical Telecommunications Network
ATNAcute Tubular Necrosis
ATNAsian Television Network
ATNAustralasian Transport News
ATNArriva Trains Northern (UK train operator)
ATNAdvanced Television Infrared Observation Satellite
ATNAir Traffic Network
ATNAir Tahiti Nui
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The establishment of ATN routes can easily turn into enduring local distribution networks that connect communities and villages across the many provinces, promoting economic development.
With its rich-clock features and complete protection schemes, the ATN 905 also supports the customised requirements of service transmission on small stations," Huawei said.
ATN researchers compared vaccine responses in their HIV-positive women with responses in 267 HIV-nega-tive women from 16 to 23 years old who had three dos-es of the same vaccine in an earlier trial.
There are many collaborative tools built into the ATN site, providing Soldiers with a quick and easy way to supply input to the ATN team and share ideas across Army training communities of practice.
For those families considering medication to address their child's ADHD symptoms, the ATN offers the Medication Decision Aid Tool Kit to help families create an appropriate treatment plan in collaboration with their child's doctor or medical practitioner.
We couldn't reach ATN last week to find out how many people have been hired so far.
Of the nine patients who underwent classical treatment, four had TN and five had ATN.
ATN consumer-focus groups and interviews revealed two important findings, says Coiro.
1, step 2) for the following reasons: (a) patients requiring RRT within the 48 h between steps 1 and 2 because of overt pulmonary edema, acute respiratory distress syndrome, or acute cardiac failure, because no clinically meaningful prediction of RRT requirement was possible in these patients; (b) patients with pre- and postrenal ARF because this is not caused primarily by proximal tubular injury; and (c) patients with preexisting renal parenchymal disease or chronic renal failure, renal surgery, renal transplantation, renal trauma, or renal surgery as determined from the history or clinical, laboratory, and radiologic criteria, because the latter conditions may be associated with increased urinary excretion of tubular proteins and enzymes unrelated to ATN.
I am pleased to announce that Maury Microwave Corporation and Agilent Technologies, have entered into a license agreement that establishes Maury as your source for solid state tuner systems featuring ATN Microwave Electronic Tuning technology.
This was Eurocontrol's first use of Controller/Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) using ATN in a project called the Preliminary Eurocontrol Test of Air/Ground Data Link (PETAL).
This funding coming to the ATN is in addition to $2.