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ATNFAll Tripura National Force (India)
ATNFAnti-Tumor Necrosis Factor
ATNFAustralia Telescope National Facility
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Our colleagues with CSIRO ATNF have been very aggressive in implementing and exercising e-VLBI in collaboration with other observatories around the world and well deserve the IDEA Wave of the Future award.
In addition, the CSIRO ATNF team plans to use the network capabilities provided by the Wave of the Future award to develop and better define the network and host requirements to support this type of global science and then make this information available to the research and education community to enable fellow scientists to concentrate more resources on their research rather than the network infrastructure.
Ron Patston, vice president of Asia Pacific operations for AWR, added, "The selection of Microwave Office design suite as the standard design tool at the ATNF demonstrates the importance of integrated design solutions for leading-edge research groups and underscores the strengths of AWR's new architecture and accurate models.
The ATNF supports Australia's research in radio astronomy.