ATNIAtlantic Tele-Network, Inc. (also seen as ATN; Beverly, MA)
ATNIAkademi Teater Nasional Indonesia (National Theater Academy of Indonesia)
ATNIAll Together Now International (Boulder, CO)
ATNIAffiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians
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It is not only good for public health; it is a business imperative and key to their long-term sustainability," said Inge Kauer, Executive Director of ATNI.
Development of ATNI was housed at GAIN and involved an extensive, multi-stakeholder process that included input from governments, international organizations, civil society, academia, and investors at every phase of the process.
The Access to Nutrition Index offers companies a comprehensive, independent assessment of how well their practices align with competitors in the food and beverage industry and provides benchmarks against which they can improve their approach to nutrition," said Keith Bezanson, chair of the ATNI Independent Advisory Panel.
The ATNI Investor Statement recognizes health and nutrition as drivers of future growth in the food and beverage sector, and that those manufacturers that are most effective in anticipating and responding to these factors will be better positioned to deliver superior and more sustained financial performance.
In the event the Company does not achieve $16 million in after tax net income ("ATNI") for 2007 and $28 million in ATNI for 2008, 1.
An additional 11,194,030 shares will be transferred by the majority shareholder to investors if (i) the ATNI for the year ended 2008 is less than $30 million or (ii) China Water's 2008 fully diluted EPS is less than $0.
5 million, and another 3,947,368 shares of the Company's common stock owned by him, if either the Company's ATNI for the 2008 fiscal year is less than $21 million or the Company's earnings per share for the same period is less than $0.