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ATOCAllied Tactical Operations Center
ATOCAtmo Turbo and Co. (French automobile club)
ATOCAssociação dos Técnicos Oficiais de Contas (Portugal)
ATOCAcoustic Thermography of Ocean Climate
ATOCAir Tactical Operations Center
ATOCAir Defense Tactical Operations Center
ATOCAdvanced Theory of Constraints
ATOCAdvanced Tactical Operations Center
ATOCAir Defense TMD Operations Center
ATOCAir Terminal Operations Center
ATOCA Touch of Class
ATOCAdvanced Technical Operations Center (Trellis)
ATOCAnnual Task Order Contract
ATOCAssociation of Train Operating Companies (UK)
ATOCAttack of the Clones (Star Wars Episode 2)
ATOCAMGEN Tour of California
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More than half of all users buy their railcards online and we expect that over time a similar proportion will switch to the app to save time and make their journeys more convenient, said ATOC marketing head Andrew Robertson.
That's why I was delighted to wish it a happy 30th birthday and to congratulate ATOC and train companies on their record-breaking year.
Handling Distinguished Visitors (DV) is an ATOC duty that offers the opportunity to interact with several agencies, such as the Civilian Airport Authority at the Bahrain International Airport, and the U.
The ATOC said number of calls to the service has reduced over the years, as now people rely more on the internet and the automated Train Tracker phone system for railway enquiries.
Under an agreement with environmental groups, the ATOC team gave control of the California transmitter to marine biologists so they could run experiments to determine whether the sounds alter animal behavior.
Concern for marine mammals by environmental groups has led ATOC to set up a sister program, the Marine Mammal Research Program (MMRP), to monitor the ATOC's effects.
However, according to the ATOC, the profile of the typical first class traveller has changed.
Michael Roberts, chief executive of ATOC, said: "Despite tough times for many people, train companies have been able to attract greater numbers of passengers to the railways with a range of affordable tickets for all types of customers.
An ATOC press spokesman has told the Gazette the scheme is in its very early days, but will cover the period from 2014-2019.
But the ATOC report stated some 40 towns not currently on the rail network could benefit from the 14 new lines.
Mumbai staff would now handle over 70 per cent of calls, the ATOC said.
It is standard to give direct fares unless others are asked for," an ATOC spokesman said.