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ATOKAdvanced Technology of Kana-Kanji Transfer (Japanese translation)
ATOKAsociaci Textilního-Odevního-Kožedelného (Czech: Czech Association of Textile, Clothing and Leather Industry, Czech Republic)
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It is equipped with Super ATOK ULTIAS, which has a clever Japanese character conversion function that displays predicted word selections appropriate to the context, and has enhanced features for correcting input errors.
2-GHz CPU (Qualcomm MSM8974), the high-performance ATOK Japanese-language input system, IPX5/8 water resistance(4), infrared, NFC (equipped with FeliCa), Osaifu-Keitai, 1-seg and full-seg television broadcast reception, an FM transmitter, DLNA/DTCP-IP, Miracast, and Bluetooth 4.
ATOK X for Linux, the world's most popular system for entering
Taking advantage of the MQ-200's advanced color display capabilities that support more than 65,000 colors, while offering 10 hours of battery life, NEC's new MobileGear models have added several Internet applications including 64Kbps data communication for PHS, upgraded email software, the ATOK Pocket(R) Japanese language conversion system and easy-to-use handheld Web browser.
In addition, the T-01C is equipped with a number of features that have been highly requested by users of conventional mobile phones, including IPX5/IPX7(2) water-resistance, Osaifu-Keitai functionality, one-segment infrared communications, and the ATOK Japanese input system, making the T-01C an all-in-one, high-spec smartphone.