ATOMMAdvanced Super Thinlayer and High-Output Metal Media
ATOMMAssociation of Taxi Operators in Metro Manila (Philippines)
ATOMMHIV/AIDS Total Management Model (comprehensive client-centred HIV/AIDS program)
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44MB floppy disks were the singular option for desktop storage, Fujifilm's patented ATOMM technology invigorated the category and brightened the long-term prospects of the high-capacity tape and disk market.
In the video segment, ATOMM applications led to the development of advanced broadcast products such as DVCPRO and D9 (Digital-S) professional videocassettes.
ATOMM stands for Advanced super Thin-layer and high-Output Metal Media.
Shibata has been recognized with several prestigious awards for his technical achievements, including the Ohkouchi Memorial Technical Award for his work on the VHS double coating process and the Ichimura Memorial Industrial Award and the Japan Chemical Industry Association Technology Award for the development of the Fujifilm ATOMM technology.
Borrowing elements from Fujifilm's renowned film coating process, ATOMM incorporates a unique, ultra-thin, dual coating system.
Fujifilm's Super DLTtape media will also be based on ATOMM technology, specially configured to Super DLTtape architecture.
The Fujifilm Super DLTtape(TM) II cartridge is based on Fujifilm proprietary ATOMM (Advanced Super Thin-layer & High Output Metal Media) technology.
The company's ATOMM technology, introduced in 1992, resulted in advances in such breakthrough products as Zip(R) disks, DLTtape(TM) IV, 4mm tape formats such as DDS-3, DDS-4 and DAT72, Super DLTtape(TM) and LTO tape.
market in 1992, Fujifilm's patented ATOMM technology led to the manufacturing of tape products in use by business professionals, information technology specialists and consumers.
We are pleased to introduce our next generation media, which utilizes the well-regarded quality and dependability of Fujifilm's ATOMM coating technology.
After nearly forty years of tape innovation, most recently with ATOMM and NANOCUBIC, today's announcement extends our relationship with IBM and propels Fujifilm to the forefront of enterprise-class tape storage solutions," said Steven Solomon, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Computer Products Division, Fuji Photo Film U.
The FMDA manufacturing facility has played a key role in the manufacturing and distribution of tape products incorporating Fujifilm's ATOMM (an acronym for Advanced super-Thin layer and high Output Metal Media) dual-coating technology.