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ATORAutomated Telex Over Radio
ATORAt Time Of Report
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You will have my sketches, some time or other, to look ator my tour to reador my poem.
Neste texto, empregaremos os termos ator e actante de modo equivalente.
Communication Power oferece um tratado de teoria politica contemporanea, reunindo amplo conjunto de evidencias empiricas sobre o fato de que a midia, em sua nova configuracao de redes globais, nao e ator coadjuvante na busca pelo poder, mas e ela propria a estrutura social pela qual o poder se estabelece, definindo, a partir da sua organizacao por oligopolios, quem detem o controle da veiculacao de uma narratividade da vida social.
By a 25-15 vote of the YLD Board of Governors, Cole defeated Jennifer Ator of Miami for the position of president-elect designate at the YLD's March meeting in Ponte Vedra.
Two kinds of freedom were at stake in the debate: freedom from sensuality through asceticism and freedom from the agonies of conscience through the discovery that one's natural condition of sexuality was in accordance with the will of the cre ator.
Products: Genomic Solutions introduced six new products: GeneTAC Biochip Analyzer, which automates gene microarray imaging and analysis; GelPrint 2000I Imager, an integrated electronic photo documentation system for the imaging of electrophoretic gels; GelPrint Pl s, a camera or scanner-based system that acquires, documents, and analyzes electrophoresis images, dot blots, or colony counts; Visage High Density Grid Analyzer, software for identifying and quantifying spots in high density array images; Genomics Integ ator, software for integrating, analyzing, and manipulating genomic and proteomic information; and Flexys modular robotic workstation that supports biochip manufacture.
There will also be raffle tickets on sale in the boat house, as well as a simul ator and funfair.
KEY UK-am ave ator, as judge Scots Tory leader Davidson said: "Alex Salmond needs to clear exactly what is going on.
Another basement, another ator - how can the same ng happen to the same guy ce?
Como ja destacamos, faz valer sua autonomia discursiva e nao so abandona o roteiro, mas anuncia que o faz com ele, no contexto da propria cena enunciativa e a qual se constitui o seu principal ator.
50 with Betfred) ACCUMUL ATOR Arsenal (2-5), Chelsea (4-11), Leeds (1-4), Norwich (2-5) 0.
By having the service project in conjunction with the Annual Meeting, we are able to give back to a community that hosts us annually," said YLD member Jennifer Ator.