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ATPAfter Tax Profit
ATPAssociation of Tennis Professionals
ATPAirline Transport Pilot
ATPAdult Treatment Panel
ATPAdenosine Triphosphate
ATPAvailable To Promise
ATPAssociation of Test Publishers
ATPAustralian Technology Park
ATPAdvanced Travel Partner
ATPAustralian Training Products
ATPAppleTalk Transaction Protocol
ATPArbejdsmarkedets Tillægspension (Danish Labor Market Supplementary Pension Fund)
ATPAutomatic Train Protection (for rail signaling systems)
ATPAutomated Theorem Proving
ATPAcceptance Test Procedure
ATPAssistive Technology Practitioner (Credential offered by Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology, RESNA)
ATPAnti-Tachycardia Pacing (advanced pacemaker function)
ATPAntitachycardia Pacing (medical)
ATPAngel Therapy Practitioner (spirituality)
ATPAccredited Tax Preparer
ATPAsociación de Tenistas Profesionales
ATPAssistive Technology Partnership
ATPAlberta Theatre Projects
ATPAuthorization to Proceed
ATPAuthorized Training Provider
ATPArbitrage Trading Program (investing)
ATPAir Transport Pilot
ATPAdvanced Technology Partner
ATPAcceptance Test Plan
ATPAssistive Technology Partners
ATPArizona Telemedicine Program
ATPAssistive Technology Project
ATPAssociation for Transpersonal Psychology
ATPAdaptation to Technical Progress
ATPAssociate in Transfer Partnership
ATPAssume the Position
ATPAutomotive Testing Papenburg (Germany)
ATPAuthority To Proceed
ATPAircraft Type Rating
ATPAnnual Training Plan
ATPAlternative Transients Program
ATPAfter the Point
ATPAmbient Temperature and Pressure
ATPAutoimmune Thrombocytopenic Purpura
ATPAircrew Training Program
ATPAdventure Tours Pakistan
ATPAustrian Thermal Power
ATPAuthorization to Participate (food stamps)
ATPAbuse Treatment Program
ATPAgent Transfer Protocol
ATPAdvanced Turbo Prop
ATPAllied Tactical Publication
ATPAlaska Teacher Placement
ATPArlington Transportation Partners
ATPAccelerated Training Program
ATPAmmunition Transfer Point
ATPAdvanced Test Products
ATPAlberta Taciuk Processor
ATPAuthorized to Proceed
ATPAcquisition, Tracking & Pointing
ATPAdult Tertiary Preparation
ATPApplication Transaction Program
ATPApplication Transaction Program (IBM)
ATPAirline Transport Professionals, Inc.
ATPAberdeenshire Towns Partnership (UK)
ATPAdditional Training Period
ATPArmy Training Program
ATPAsynchronous Transfer Protocol
ATPAll Tests Pass
ATPAmerican Technical Publishers Ltd.
ATPAdvanced Telecommunications Program
ATPApplied Technology Professionals Ltd.
ATPALPS Tunneling Protocol (Cisco)
ATPArmy Teen Panel
ATPAccess Transport Parameter
ATPAudio Technologies and Processing
ATPAthletic Therapeutic Pilates
ATPAir Terminal Publicity (Brussels South Charleroi Airport preferential partner)
ATPAmman Trade Point
ATPAllgemeine und Theoretische Psychologie
ATPAid Trade Provision
ATPApproved Test Procedure
ATPAllied Technical Publication
ATPAvances Técnicos en Programación
ATPAll Tennis Professionals
ATPAlternative Transportation Providers
ATPAdaptive Threshold Processor (Kodak, Scanners)
ATPAutomated Test Procedure
ATPAdvanced Tracking Program
ATPAdvanced Tracking Prototype
ATPAmkor Technology Philippines, Inc
ATPArgenteuil Théâtre Public
ATPAriège Terre Promise
ATPAbsolute Time Processor
ATPAllmän Tillägspension (old Swedish pension system)
ATPAfter the Prom
ATPAlbert Torres Productions, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)
ATPAlaska Telemedicine Project
ATPAdvanced Technology Panel
ATPAutomated Test Plan
ATPArt Trap Productions
ATPAdvanced Teacher Program
ATPAntitampering Program
ATPAuvergne Techniques de Pointe (French waterjet cutting company)
ATPAgriculture and Theology Project
ATPAircraft Technical Publisher
ATPAtmospheric Temperature Profile
ATPActive Training Period
ATPAriadne Transparent Portal
ATPA-town Pirates (band)
ATPAshes to Phoenix (band)
ATPAccreditation Through Partnership (UK)
ATPAcquisition, Tracking and Positioning
ATPAutomatic Pallet Changer (machine-tools accessory)
ATPArchitectural Trim Products
ATPAsynchronous Terminal Processor
ATPAlarm Transmit Process (ITI)
ATPAncillary Training Program
ATPArkansas Truth Project
ATPAdvanced Telecommunication Platform (Nortel)
ATPAntiterrorism Program
ATPAssociate Teachers Programme (UK)
ATPAcier, Tubes, Profils
ATPAdvanced Training Technologies Project
ATPAdvanced Technological Products, Inc.
ATPAttitude Prediction
ATPAir Transferred Pollutants/Particles
ATPAircraft Target Processor
ATPAT&T/Philips Telecommunications
ATPAuthorization To Produce
ATPAssociation Terrariophile du Poitou (French: Reptile Association of Poitou; Poitou, France)
ATPAdvice Training Promotion
ATPAnswers to Private
ATPAttainment to Plan (US DoD)
ATPAccelerated Transport Protocol (Altarus Corporation)
ATPAutomated Task Profiling
ATPAction Tactical Products
ATPAgricultural Technology and Poverty
ATPAtta, Pudatol (SIL code, Philippines)
ATPAnderson Technical Publishing, LLC
ATPAtlanta Trading Post
ATPAutomated Telecommunications Program
ATPAbbreviated Training Program
ATPAdvanced Tactical PATRIOT
ATPAssociation Tarbaise de Poker (French: Tarbes Poker Association; Tarbes, France)
ATPAssignment Type Problem
ATPAutomatic Transaction Posting
ATPAutorisation de Travail Provisoire (French: Temporary Employment Authorization)
ATPAutomatic Telecommunications Program
ATPAggressive Tax Planning (various locations)
ATPActive Trader Pro (software)
ATPAdvanced Targeting Pod
ATPAdvanced Technology Program (NIST)
ATPAged to Perfection
ATPAccredited Training Provider
ATPAll Things Pakistan
ATPArea to Protect
ATPAll Tomorrow's Parties
ATPApproval to Proceed (various organizations)
ATPAthletic Training Program (various schools)
ATPAccess to Patients
ATPAutomated Trading Program (finance)
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7deg were corresponding to the primary diffraction of the (040) and (400) planes for ATP [10, 11].
Through our global network and carefully selected sports sponsorships, Emirates successfully unites and engages fans and we look forward to working with the ATP to maximise on the consumer experiential and digital media opportunities this sponsorship presents to us," added Flanagan.
Sir Maurice Flanagan, Executive Vice Chairman of Emirates Airline and Group, said: "This tie-up with the ATP World Tour and Rankings is a perfect addition to our existing portfolio of global sports sponsorships.
Through our global network and carefully selected sports sponsorships Emirates successfully unites and engages fans and we look forward to working with the ATP to maximise on the consumer experiential and digital media opportunities this sponsorship presents to us," he added.
Both the investigator drawing blood samples and the investigator measuring plasma ATP concentration were blinded to the aspirin status of the sample donor.
The underpinning for resolution based ATP is Herbrand's theorem, which shows that logical consequence can be established by considering instances of a set of clauses.
Ortyl, Chairman and CEO of Standard MEMS, said, "We are pleased to be in NIST's nanotechnology ATP.
In addition to its role in movement and synthesis, ATP energy can be used to induce irreversible conformational changes in protein molecules.
Given that the compound is not ATP and other dues unveiled during this study--that the compound works in a way different from all other known compounds and that it appears to have a unique chemical structure--the researchers suspect that the Pfiesteria toxin likely is in a little known or even undiscovered class of compounds.
In a single chemical reaction, the phosphate on creatine can be donated to ADP to regenerate one ATP molecule.
Earlier this year, Quantum released data on the stabilizing effectiveness of ATP (alphatocopherol), more commonly known as vitamin E (see PT, May '92, p.
HOUSTON -- ATP Oil & Gas Corporation (NASDAQ: ATPG) today announced that it has filed a voluntary petition for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas.