ATPCAutomatic Transmit Power Control (radio, wireless)
ATPCAlternate Text Production Center (Braille, eText)
ATPCAppraisal of the Technologies of Political Control
ATPCAssociation of Tin Producing Countries
ATPCAgent Technologies for Pervasive Communities
ATPCArmy Times Publishing Company, Inc (Springfield, VA)
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ATPC also features a dedicated launch feature, allowing the vehicle to pull away smoothly and easily, even on problematic low-friction surfaces like ice, snow or wet grass.
The ATPC system also features a 'launch' feature that enables the vehicle to pull away smoothly on potentially problematic low-friction surfaces such as ice, snow or wet grass.
The announcement was made as part of the ATPC "#ReUpGA" campaign, which is a collaborative effort among "Transaction Alley" companies to grow Georgia's workforce, resources and reputation.
link, including ATPC, correlated fading, and enhanced Geographic Information Services, are in response to our customers' needs for automation and improved system performance.
The ATPC and ACEA argued that the South Korean practices are "blatantly unfair, untenable, and unacceptable.
Over the past few months, inspectors at the ATPC have not only released a bull in a china shop, they've also let a cat out of a bag, put a pig in a poke, and set another cat among the pigeons, while several earnest men in white coats watched carefully and scribbled down their findings on to a clipboard.
The program featured an unprecedented collection of speakers, including: Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed; Congressman Tom Price (R-GA); ATPC Executive Director H.
Last month, the ACEA and ATPC rapped South Korea for maintaining one of the world's most closed and protected markets for foreign vehicles while exporting a record number of cars to the EU and U.
With the ATPC membership in the AccessText Network for California's community college students, the state will once again serve as an example to the nation on how to ensure all students are able to achieve their higher education goals.
Athey Products Corporation (Nasdaq: ATPC - news), a leading manufacturer of street sweeping and material handling equipment, reported that it has received a written demand from its lender for repayment of certain amounts under its Loan and Security Agreement.
The ATPC, through its policy advisory services to RECs and member states, is providing technical support to help address some of these challenges.
The 80hp engine ensures a smooth and powerful delivery for a relaxed but thrilling ride and, combined with a sublime chassis, a low and narrow seat, (770mm), 165kg dry weight, (the lightest in its class), light ATPC clutch for smooth and safe down-shifting and a vastly improved steering-lock, it offers a brilliant package suitable for both the experienced and novice rider.
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