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ATPCOAirline Tariff Publishing Company
ATPCOArmy Times Publishing Company, Inc.
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ATPCO will improve its Sales Data Exchange using Travelport Fare Verified technology.
ATPCO offers the airline industry a single source for complete fare-related data through travel data services and solutions, including revenue accounting and decision support systems.
This persistent focus on cost containment led ATPCO last year to review its approach to data protection for its distributed environment and evaluate whether there was a more cost-effective and resilient process to help improve data integrity and support near continuous operations.
Travelport Merchandising Platform also provides three retailing solutions:Travelport Aggregated Shopping (launching now): consolidates within the same screen shopping results for traditional carriers who connect through ATPCO and those with whom Travelport has an API connection so there is no need to duplicate shopping requests and compare across several screens.
ATPCO will remain actively involved and provide assistance to the NDC initiative, including participating in the Distribution Data Exchange Working Group that is detailing NDC business requirements and XML schemas.
The new solution is designed to accommodate today's diverse and constantly changing fee structures, and most important, ensure a single, consistent and timely point of transmission for carrier fee data via ATPCO.
In addition to helping airlines quickly bring new products and services to the marketplace, the use of industry-developed technology standards by ATPCO, IATA and ARC also allows travel agents to easily market and sell airlines' offerings by efficiently managing the increasingly complex world of comparison shopping.
The software offers new features for product and offer customization and full integration with the ATPCO Baggage Calculator, FMS2 enables airlines to employ a common merchandising solution across multiple distribution outlets.
ATPCO, a leader in air distribution, now lists more than 100 industry sub-codes for a la carte services.
By leveraging industry technology standards developed by ATPCO to file airlines' fares and ancillaries and IATA's standard to fulfill purchases via EMD, Air New Zealand will offer its first ancillary for sale through the Sabre GDS.
Kale will provide the carrier with ATPCO fare filing services, including the creation of logs, new fare inserts and updates to existing fares, add-ons, rules, categories, footnotes, routings, fare class segments, RBDs as defined by ATPCO standards and GDS.
Airlines are to have submitted their baggage rules to ATPCO by September 2010 for implementation in early 2011.