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ATPDAssembly of Tibetan People's Deputies
ATPDAnderson Township Park District (est. 1970; Cincinnati, OH)
ATPDAmbient Temperature & Pressure Dry
ATPDAutomotive Tank Purchase Description
ATPDAcute Transient Psychotic Disorder (psychology)
ATPDAthletic Training Program Director (various locations)
ATPDAssociation of Television Producers and Directors (Canada)
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The Resistan catalogue includes numerous other members, the VPAM family meeting EN 1063 and VPAM BRV 2009 standards, and the DV family the ATPD Revision T standards.
In this case, the ATPD reviews the "evidence" relating to the IED event (with subsequent positive identification), and, once satisfied, the ATPD issues an NSW.
Caron Diurnal Environmental Chambers for earlier Military Standard 810 versions as well as ATPD 2167 testing, and an additional walk in incubator containing one 60 cu.