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ATPDAssembly of Tibetan People's Deputies
ATPDAnderson Township Park District (est. 1970; Cincinnati, OH)
ATPDAmbient Temperature & Pressure Dry
ATPDAutomotive Tank Purchase Description
ATPDAcute Transient Psychotic Disorder (psychology)
ATPDAthletic Training Program Director (various locations)
ATPDAssociation of Television Producers and Directors (Canada)
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The ATPD increase may be attributed to the increase in leaf area, the amount of photo assimilates produced, and the development of potential tiller-producing locations, i.
Case notes of all inpatients diagnosed with ATPD (according to the ICD-10 diagnostic criteria) from 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2012 were analysed.
A total of 185 subjects were diagnosed with ATPD during the study period.
The month of onset of ATPD in the study sample is shown in the Figure.
The Resistan catalogue includes numerous other members, the VPAM family meeting EN 1063 and VPAM BRV 2009 standards, and the DV family the ATPD Revision T standards.
Those data are confirmed looking at an ATPD 2352 Class 3A transparent, where thickness decreases from 112 to 52 mm and areal density from 249 to 109 kg/m2.
In July 2011, Ronna was targeted as a potential repository for the CJTF Paladin BOLOs and resulting warrants issued by the ATPD.