ATPDEAAndean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act
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The ATPDEA allows more than 6,000 products from Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia to enter the United States free of tariffs.
In 2003, as petroleum and derivatives had become free of duty under ATPDEA for the entire year, their imports were responsible for over ninety percent of the 2003 U.
AFFI calls on the Senate to quickly approve an extension of the ATPDEA and ensure American consumers, businesses and our Andean partners can continue to prosper together.
Quintana said that, between 2004 and 2008, when the ATPDEA was in force, Bolivian exports to the US market were valued at US$1.
Ecuador continues to seek innovative ways to curtail the Latin American drug trade, including focusing on economic development through partnerships such as the ATPDEA, which provides duty free treatment for Ecuadorian products such as fresh cut roses, broccoli, tuna, and artichokes.
Naasz emphasized that a timely extension of the ATPDEA would ensure that American frozen food producers continue to have access to vital supplies of fruits and vegetables.
Although, most of the positive impact that the FTA would have on export growth has already materialized under the ATPDEA, Fitch believes that the efficiency gains derived from lower-priced imports, the reallocation of productive resources towards more competitive tradable sectors and the possibly higher FDI towards the non-traditional sectors, may lead to a more diversified export base.
The ATPDEA is now set to expire on December 31, 2010.
At a time when ATPDEA has lapsed and there is still a chance that Congress could renew the preferences, President Correa has seriously undermined the possibility that these preferences will be reinstated in the foreseeable future.