ATPFATO (Australian Taxation Office) Tax Practitioner Forum
ATPFAsian Trade Promotion Forum
ATPFAssociation Tunisienne du Planning Familial (French: Tunisian Association of Family Planning; est. 1968)
ATPFAutism Tree Project Foundation (San Diego, CA)
ATPFAutomated Thermal Plate Forming (Navy Metalworking Center)
ATPFAustralian Tax Practitioners' Forum
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Themes of past ATPF meetings can be classified in two categories.
Working Level Meetings define the theme and agenda for ATPF meetings, laying the groundwork for efficient plenary discussions.
In order to disseminate ATPF information to the world, ATPF has built its own web site.
In addition to annual meetings and the web site, ATPF has the ATRAIN information exchange system, a bulletin, joint study missions, and a compilation of trade-show information.
ATPF established a system to mutually exchange tariff rate schedules, trade statistics, corporate directories and TPO newsletters among member organizations.
ATPF also issues the Bulletin newsletter once or twice a year.
ATPF also organizes a programme called the Joint Study Mission, in which a host TPO receives study visits from multiple TPOs.
Looking back at the progress of ATPF over the last two to three years, one receives an impression that the forum is undergoing major changes.