ATPHAll The Pretty Horses (band and novel)
ATPHAssociation of Transport Photographers and Historians (UK)
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In regard to the results obtained concerning the internal consistency for the ATPH factors, Cronbach's alphas ranged from .
It is wise to conclude that the ATPH is an instrument in the phase of studies seeking evidence of different types of validity to enable a valid and accurate interpretation of its scores.
Further research assessing the impact of acquiescence, as well as whether there is an impact of differential item functioning (DIF) between men and women and respondents from different Brazilian regions, can be useful to clarify the issue of congruence among types proposed by Holland, enriching the debate over the assessment of careers types by using the ATPH.
Interesses profissionais e personalidade: Analise correlacional a partir do ATPH e BFP [Professional interests and personality: Correlational analysis from BFP and ATPH].