ATPIAustralian Technology Park Innovations
ATPIAir Travel Price Index
ATPIAssociation of Texas Photography Instructors (Arlington, TX)
ATPIAmerican Tax Policy Institute (Washington, DC)
ATPIAdult Treatment Panel I Guidelines (National Cholesterol Education Program; National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute; US NIH)
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The ATPI product was designed for high-net-worth individuals, financial institutions, museums, art-investment funds, dealers and auction houses, as well as corporate and individual collectors.
ATPI will cover already owned or gifted works of art, provenance and import/export title risks, and classic title risks such as liens.
Finally, the ATPI suggests that compliance in the area of domestic, household and casual labor could be increased by raising the threshold for reporting to $1,800 per year.
This latest collaboration with the Al-Futtaim Travel is part of the ATPI Group s strategy to enormously expand their presence and services in the UAE and the Gulf region.
As a prime contractor at the National Cancer Institute at Frederick, SAIC-Frederick is facilitating ATPI partnerships for the government.
Introducing newest techniques into our existing travel booking procedures gives us the opportunity to provide better solutions for our customers and improve processes for our consultants, said Marcel van Goch of Global Fares Team at ATPI Netherlands.
ATPI have added Abreu Travel Group to its portfolio and have entered in to the market of Spain, Portugal and Angola.
Interested investors and ATPI shareholders can continue to readily trade in the company's stock through stock brokers and the market makers of the company's stock: Paragon Capital, Carr Securities, Datek Securities and Troster-Singer.
According to ATPI, Italy based Gattinoni Travel, Algeria based Relex Services and Kuwait based Al Waseet Travel will become part of ATPI s international network.
ATP is currently listed on NASDAQ under the symbol, ATPI.