ATPOAssociation of Technical Personnel in Ophthalmology
aTPOAnti-Thyroid Peroxidase
ATPOAbout This Particular Outliner (blog)
ATPOAppalachian Trail Park Office (Harpers Ferry, WV; National Park Service)
ATPOAssociate Technical Project Officer
ATPOAssistant Technical Project Officer
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The background adjustment factors were outcome-specific and included sex, age at examination (10-14, 15-19, 20-24, [greater than or equal to] 25 years), oblast (an administrative subdivision similar to a state or province) of residency at examination, rural or urban residency at examination, self-reported current cigarette smoking, self-reported current vitamin consumption, self-reported history of any thyroid disease in parents or siblings, year and season of examination, level of urinary iodine (< 20, 20-49, 50-99, [greater than or equal to] 100 [micro]g/L, or unknown), presence of diffuse goiter based on thyroid palpation, ATPO and ATG concentrations ([less than or equal to] 60, > 60 U/mL).
To evaluate factors interacting with dose, we allowed a linear dose-response trend [beta] to vary within J categories of different factors such as sex, age at exposure and examination, current smoking status, urban versus rural residency, oblast of residence at first screening examination, family history of thyroid disease, ATPO level, presence of goiter, and urinary iodine levels.
Although the EOR/Gy for elevated ATPO levels was -0.
The present study provided some evidence of a higher radiation-related risk of hypothyroidism among ATPO-negative (ATPO [less than or equal to] 60 U/mL) compared with ATPO positive individuals (ATPO > 60 U/mL) (p for homogeneity = 0.
131]I and prevalence of ATPO in Belarus contrasts with significant positive nonlinear association with [sup.
Algunos estudios han hallado una incidencia elevada de sintomatologia psiquiatrica en las mujeres con ATPO positivo.
Con relacion a los anticuerpos antitiroideos, los ATPO se hallan presentes con mayor frecuencia.
For each cross-classification cell, the number of observed thyroid cancers, PY, and PY-weighted means for continuous variables at the first screening examination (including TSH, ATPO, TG, thyroid volume, and urinary iodine) were computed.