ATPRAustralian Trade Practices Reporter (law bulletin; Victoria, Australia)
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According to Shannon Cobb, EVP for ATPR, tile agents, underwriters and vendor management firms have all indicated a growing interest in SmartProp.
ATPR is a subsidiary of SLK Global, a leading business transformation solutions provider for title insurance, banking, payment and other financial services industries.
Alok Datta, President of ATPR adds, "SmartFlow is underwriter agnostic and customizable, thus able to meet each agent's and underwriter's unique guidelines.
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1991) ATPR [paragraph] 41-111) is not likely to pay too much attention
Fine Foods Pty Ltd (2002) ATPR 41-856) and Kenny J in Henry Kaye [2004]
Alok Datta, president of ATPR said, "Being recognized as a 'Trust Network' means a lot to us.
Corey understands the title industry and the evolving needs of agents, underwriters and lenders during this period of significant change," said Alok Datta, president of ATPR.
SmartProp(TM) is product of SLK Global, made available through the ATPR sales channel.
SmartProp is a product of SLK Global available through ATPR sales channel.
Alok Datta, president of ATPR, is confident title businesses will find SmartProp to be more reliable than similar competitive products.