ATPUAnti-Terrorism Police Unit (Kenya)
ATPUAtelier de Technologie du Plutonium (French plutonium technology facility)
ATPUAverage Traffic per User (mobile Internet usage)
ATPUAdvanced Tactical Power Unit
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The glass transition temperature of soft segment of HTPU (PTMG), ATPU (PTMG), HTPU (PBA) and ATPU (PBA) modifier was found to be -80, -78, -48, and -45 [degrees] C, respectively.
E(0) - 0 M1(10) HTPU (PTMG) 10 M2(10) ATPU (PTMG) 10 B1 (10) HTPU (PBA) 10 B2(10) ATPU (PBA) 10
Figures 4, 5, and 6 show the temperature dependence of loss tangent of HTPU (PBA), HTPU (PTMG) and ATPU (PTMG) modified cured epoxy resins, respectively.
In the ATPU (PTMG)-modified resin system [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6 OMITTED], the [Beta]-relaxation peak of tan [Delta] in M2(15) decreased toward a lower temperature and had increased amplitude as compared with the control.
Figure 8a-c shows the post-failure appearance of CT specimens of HTPU (PTMG)- and ATPU (PTMG)modified epoxy under the scanning electron microscope at low magnification (100 x).
The presence of large particles ([greater than] 4 [[micro]meter]) in the ATPU (PTMG)-modified epoxy indicates that microgelation might occur during the pre-reaction because of the presence of the amine-terminal group.
Police, especially those from the ATPU, have on several occasions been accused of arresting innocent civilians without verifying information given by informers.
And the head of ATPU, Munga Nyale, maintains the risk of not arresting one terror suspect and ignoring information from either known or anonymous informers could be devastating to the country.
In this study, we have prepared various ATPUs based on the new generation of PPGs using both [H.
ATPUs with different hard segment levels were made with [H.
For example, we have prepared good ATPUs with lower than Shore 50A hardness using 7,000 and 11,000 molecular weight PPGs.