ATQAccording to Question
ATQAmerican Transcendental Quarterly
ATQAnswer The Question
ATQAll Trades Queensland (Australia)
ATQAssociation des Transsexuels et Transsexuelles du Québec (French: Association of Transsexuals and Transgendered of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
ATQAll-Time Quarterback (band)
ATQAsynchronous Thread Queue
ATQAddicted to Quack (sports blogging community)
ATQAdditional Teaching Qualification (education)
ATQAmritsar Raja Sansi Airport (airport code, India)
ATQAppletalk Transition Queue
ATQAuthority to Quote (procurement)
ATQApplication to Qualify
ATQArtillery Target Query
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Del total de 603 personas Invitadas a participar en el estudio, 11 no cumplimentaron adecuadamente el ATQ, por lo que fueron eliminadas de los analisis relativos a dicho instrumento, obteniendo una tasa de respuesta del 98,2% para el ATQ.
158) The Court also interpreted the statutory authority of the ATQ as a basis for remedial authority over school boards who were not parties to proceedings before the ATQ.
The higher the BDI-II, AAQ, ATQ, MCQ-30 and STAI scores, the less Activation and BADS total scores, and the more Avoidance/Rumination, Work/School Impairment and Social Impairment scores.
KG, Austrian producer of testing equipment, has the exclusive and global licence to sell PROMPT ATQ, an online sensor system for monitoring of the yarn tension during the air texturizing process.
ATQ The Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire is aimed at assessing the existence and frequency of negative automatic thoughts.
El interes de investigacion y de intervencion especializada en este tipo de manifestaciones del pensamiento promovio la construccion de instrumentos de evaluacion, entre los cuales distinguimos los siguientes: (1) Cuestionario de Pensamientos Automaticos Positivos ATQ-P (Ingram y Winiski, 1988; (2) Evaluacion del pensamiento negativo con el Cuestionario de Pensamientos Automaticos ATQ (Hollin y Kendall, 1980); (3) Inclusion en subescalas diferentes como el Inventario de Autodialogo BST, Burnett, 1996, que contiene dos subescalas: Autodialogo Positivo y Autodialogo Negativo, (4) Cuestionario de Autoafirmaciones de Interaccion Social SISST de Glass.
His articles hare appeared in Leviathan, ATQ, Journal of Popular Culture, The Concord Saunterer and Aethlon.
Portions of the chapter on Douglass were originally printed in a 2002 issue of the literary journal ATQ.
Psychometric measures pre- and post-treatment for Mrs Young Measures Initial Final BDI 26 22 STAI-S 52 48 ATQ 92 73 DAS 112 126 Note: Table made from bar graph.
More provocative is Scott Ash, "Rereading Antagonism as Sibling Rivalry: The Hawthorne/Fuller Dynamic," ATQ 9 (1995), which views the pair as "siblings" in cultural criticism--Fuller growing further into radicalism, unsettling Hawthorne and many other readers.
Average ATQ based on the average during the four dry-down periods with ratings at the beginning and end.