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ATRAAll-Trans Retinoic Acid (aka tretinoin)
ATRAAmerican Tort Reform Association
ATRAAmerican Therapeutic Recreation Association (Alexandria, VA)
ATRAAutomatic Transmission Rebuilders Association
ATRAAdvanced Transit Association
ATRAArizona Tax Research Association
ATRAAlberta Tobacco Reduction Alliance
ATRAAiredale Terrier Rescue and Adoption (Michigan)
ATRAAlberta Therapeutic Recreation Association
ATRAAssistive Technology Resource Alliance
ATRAAmerican Track Racing Association
ATRAAmerican Thai Ridgeback Association (Thai Ridgeback dog breed)
ATRAAssociation Tortues Rhône-Alpes (French: Association of Rhone-Alps Tortoises
ATRAArmy Recruiting and Training Agency (UK MoD)
ATRAAuto and Truck Recyclers Association
ATRAAdvanced Technology Reconnaissance Aircraft
ATRAAfghan Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
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By last July, when all but a few state legislatures had adjourned for 2008, ATRA reported that only one of the bills it backed had passed.
Treatment with ATRA reconstitutes the normal PML nuclear body pattern in APL cells.
In one success tale, the ATRA took an offender off the list for the first time this year.
ATRA says the contests have heated up since the ouster of Chief Justice Roy Moore for defying a federal court order to remove his Ten Commandments monument.
The locations named in the ATRA report are Los Angeles County; Miami-Dade County, Fla.
The huge cache of documents made public during the state attorneys general litigation against the tobacco industry in the late 1990s reveals that Big Tobacco spent millions of dollars a year (and in at least one year $15 million) supporting ATRA, state CALAs and other activities to weaken tort laws in many states.
The patient was treated with ATRA (point 2), and fusion transcripts were undetectable by all protocols within 11 weeks (point 4).
Along the lines of pursuing combination strategies that might prove to be clinically useful, PhD student Donna Berry has recently been studying the interactions between ATRA and 1,25 [D.
Although the passage of ATRA ended a decade-long debate over individual tax rates, changes to Medicare taxes and the possibility of a full-scale overhaul of the corporate and individual tax system ensure that the tax planning process remains a daunting challenge for taxpayers.
ATRA also prospectively extended key business provisions including 50% bonus depreciation and the election to claim a credit against alternative minimum tax in lieu of bonus depreciation.
ATRA makes the 2012 lax rates permanent but adds a 39.
The Air Transport Rating Agency is the only rating agency using an objective mathematical multi-criteria approach, which takes into account the complexity of air safety in order to obtain results which are tangible, meaningful and that can be reproduced without any arbitrary weighting systems: the ATRA holistic safety rating.