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ATRIPATR-Interacting Protein
ATRIPAfrica Trade and Investment Policy (USAID)
ATRIPAssociation of Travel-Related Industry Professionals
ATRIPAfrica Trade and Investment Program (economic growth program; USAID; various locations)
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As a result, all the charter operators took tremendous financial hits, and when travel dropped substantially because of those restrictions, those operators no longer had the budget they once had to put the money behind legislative efforts and do the things that ATRIP was supposed to be doing.
Coming at a time when the House of Representatives has once again voted to ease restrictions on travel to Cuba, this is a unique and timely opportunity for our industry to meet with Cuban officials to discuss travel opportunities," said Michael Zuccato, President of ATRIP.
Atrip to bitter rivals Manchester United is to come on Sunday, but for now Pepe Reina has his sights solely on Lille and securing a place in the quarter-finals.
ATRIP to the races was preceded by a flurry of notes and instructions, including one to Hall, the gardener, to stand in the middle of Nightingales Lane to ensure that Paget's chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce made an unobstructed exit.
Atrip to Mount Artxanda, provides panoramic views of the city.
ATRIP to the end of the street to perform for a candlelit crowd of 300 will make a nice change for Elaine Morgan because she more used to crossing the English Channel to play stadium gigs.
Atrip to Mansfield on Tuesday is vital for Wrexham as they aim to close the gap on Notts County, who sit third from bottom.
ATRIP to the supermarket these days isn't just a process of negotiating the aisles - it also involves finding your way around a maze of labels, product claims and baffling promises of new, improved, healthier food.
That was why Uttoxeter owner Stan Clarke had the Marston's Pedigree Midlands National re-allocated to the Saturday after Cheltenham, in the belief that horses who might not have got very far in their Cheltenham engagements might just stay over and have atrip to Uttoxeter.
travel restrictions to Cuba, and we are pleased to be joining ATRIP and others in the travel industry in this debate," said Hank Phillips, President of NTA.
ATRIP to a Northumberland farm by auctioneer Chris Armstrong uncovered an Aladdin's cave of rural rarities.