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ATRIUMA Testbed of Terabit IP Routers Running MPLS Over DWDM
ATRIUMAsia Training and Research Initiative for Urban Management (Asian Development Bank)
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Atrium has been extruding aluminum for over 35 years, with a history of producing high quality products.
In this framework the roof structure of the atrium is an issue where contemporary interpretations of material evidence are at odds with Vitruvius' textual definitions.
We are pleased to add Turner Construction Company to Atrium Corporate Park's prestigious roster of tenants," stated Mason.
Very thin, flexible tubes (catheters) are placed in a vein of an arm or leg and advanced to the right atrium and ventricle.
His experience, leadership style and drive for results will benefit Atrium and our customers through improved efficiency and cost control across our supply chain and logistics functions.
For the 2013 year of account, Atrium 5 Limited provides 25% of syndicate 609 s capacity.
On the third and fourth floor of the building is a 6,500 square meter event and conference center with a double height ballroom that opens up to the atrium.
Yeang's signature sunshading is also on a larger scale; here it is an assemblage of huge blades with 6m deep 'biplane' wings on open atrium locations.
He also spent five years as vice president of sales & marketing at Champagne Industries in Denver, CO until that business was purchased by Atrium Corporation at which point Sloane remained there as vice president of sales & marketing and associate general manager until 2006 when he relocated to Atrium's corporate offices in Dallas, TX.
Greenwich Atrium is a 100,154 s/f office building located at 75 Holly Hill in Greenwich, Connecticut, arguably the country's most prestigious and site-constrained office location.
A system designed by the Austrian firm Bartenbach Lichtlabor involves seven solar-tracking mirrors on the roof at the north side of the atrium that reflect light to fixed mirrors on the south side, from where the sun's rays are deflected downwards to the pools at entrance level, whence they shimmer upwards.
DALLAS -- Citing its commitment, passion and enthusiasm for continuous improvement and excellence in products and services, Atrium Corporation today recognizes the upcoming National Window Safety Week, April 1-7.