ATRJAdvanced Threat Radar Jammer
ATRJAdvanced Tactical Radar Jammer
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When asked about earlier reports that the UAE participation in ATRJ development would be limited to any unique interfaces required, he maintained that he would only be interested as a full partner in the development, with the implication that a scaled-down "export" version of the system would be unacceptable to the UAE.
Although he appears to hold in high regard the technical and performance advancements of the ATRJ and the seal of approval connected with a system developed for US Army standard inventory, he also appears aware Of the vagaries of development funding for US EW systems.
The EMD award did not contain production options, which means the AEC office will hold at least one more ATRJ competition before the system reaches the field.
As for the rest of the team, Lockheed Sanders will work to integrate the ATRJ with the ATIRCM (as the two systems will often protect the same platform, the Army wants them to work together - sharing a common expendables dispenser and perhaps common processing), while AEL will lend help with the antennas and receivers.
In its report to Congress, the Army answered questions about the scope of the integration work; its consistency with US policy; threats for which ATRJ would be developed, particularly with regard to threats to potential customer countries for the system; the potential proliferation of sensitive EW technology; the availability of nondevelopmental and less sophisticated technologies for Apache ECM; and the level of technology in potential foreign competitor systems.
The Army's report, said Colonel Reinkober, explained that the program will not involve "codevelopment," but will be a "cooperative effort to integrate the ATRJ on UAE Apache aircraft.
Like its IR counterpart, the ATRJ program also has neared the EMD stage.
The Army probably will not be too disappointed at its lack of choice for the EMD award, as the ATRJ development effort seems to have progressed smoothly under ITT's stewardship.
Should the MPM begin to find its way into the ATRJ, the Navy's AIEWS, the ALQ-126 or other ECM systems, "|P.
While the ATRJ forms the core element of the integrated RF suite, new RF expendables and an upgraded dispenser will also hold important places in the RF self-protection system.
Competitors~ wouldn't have to work with the system as we have it now," Stanton explained, "but certainly we would not expect deviations from the configuration -- 'the configuration' being roughly defined as integration of a missile detector, a jam head which is laser based |and~ a central processor which also pulls in and integrates data with the ATRJ function and the laser-warning function.
The ATIRCM is also designed to exchange data with other ASE (such as ATRJ, AOCMS) to provide maximum detection and protection against IR and RF missiles.