ATRMAluminum Technology Roadmap
ATRMATO Transmit and Receive Module
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To overcome the defects of the ATRM, an algorithm is proposed combined with Shannon key encryption [3] to enhance the transmission power and avoiding the dropping of packets by clearly identifies the augmenting path.
Consideration for the acquisition includes USD 4m in cash and 100,000 shares of ATRM common stock, along with a potential earn-out payment of up to USD 1m based upon the amount by which EBGL's gross profit over the next twelve months exceeds a minimum threshold.
ATRM plans to operate the new businesses under the company's new wholly owned subsidiaries EdgeBuilder, Inc.
There are five blocks in the ATRM model, as shown in Figure 1.
Aetrium's common stock is publicly traded on the Nasdaq market under the symbol ATRM.