ATRPAtom Transfer Radical Polymerization
ATRPAgricultural Technology Research Program (Atlanta, GA)
ATRPAbandoned Tank Restoration Program (Florida)
ATRPAdvanced Technology and Repair Program (USAF)
ATRPArtificial Triglyceride-Rich Particles (hematology)
ATRPAdvanced Tennis Research Project (San Francisco, CA)
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da] in styrene ATRP using 2,2,2-tribromoethanol as initiator we used "lmdif" solver from MINPACK package to achieve the global minimum of a data fit problem.
In addition to these major advances in polymer chemistry, Matyjaszewski has also been effective at transferring the ATRP process to industry, with applications that include automotive coatings, adhesives, cosmetics, inkjet printing, smart and electronic materials, and many others, with an estimated commercial value exceeding $20 billion.
ATRP reactions were performed in a 150-mL lab reactor which was heated by an oil jacket thermostated at 110[degrees]C.
Polymers synthesized using ATRP have a terminal halogen group (typically Cl or Br) and can be used as building blocks for other functional polymers.
A series of microspheres were prepared by AGET ATRP of 4VP, HEMA, and PEGMA in inverse emulsion under different conditions.
Transfer to Industry "The ambition of practically every chemist is to make something useful," says Matyjaszewski, and he is realizing that ambition with the successful transfer of the ATRP process to industry.
ATRP was used to synthesize difunctional macromonomers.
Kozak sent Shaver a selection of iron-based catalysts, some of which turned out to be just as active for ATRP as the copper-based ones, but when quenched they appear white in colour.
pneumoniae clinical isolates: CE, clinical specimen: URO, uroculture; ATRP tracheal aspirate; BLO, blood; NT.
Synthesis of novel polymer structures using methods such as ATRP, RAFT and click chemistry.
With regard to the chemistry of the additives themselves, new controlled polymerization technologies such as ATRP, NMP, and GTP have enabled precise control of block structure, monomer distribution, and molecular weight in polymers, enabling multiple performance benefits to be optimized in a single molecule, according to Lassila.