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ATRRAnnual Transmission Revenue Requirement
ATRRAcceptance Test Readiness Review
ATRRAircrew Training Requirements Review
ATRRAutomatic Target Recognition & Reporting
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ULA technicians, engineers, and management worked for more than two years to prepare the vehicle for the STSS ATRR mission.
iii) Whether an ATRR established for specified assets may be reduced.
The Federal banking agencies shall apply the following criteria in determining whether an ATRR is required for particular international assets:
Much headway already undertaken to resolve the developing country debt crisis could be lost by requiring an ATRR against credits to countries that are following responsible economic and debt-servicing policies.
While the provision for credit losses increased in 2001 compared to 2000, this increase was offset by the recovery of ATRR.
The net benefit of these transactions will be recorded in the third quarter of 2001 and the net benefit of all ATRR transactions in the third quarter was approximately $14 million, which is the proceeds received over the carrying value of the assets sold.
The increased provision for credit losses was partly offset by a credit for ATRR of $4.
7 million in ATRR in the applicable periods of 1999 and approximately $8.