ATRRSArmy Training Requirements & Resources System (US Army)
ATRRSArmy Training Requirements Reporting System
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Questions regarding courses should be directed first through the local ATRRS Quota Manager or the ATRRS School Manager, Academic Department, at (800) 552-3978, extension 3172.
If the information is in ATRRS, the information may be readily available.
ATRRS was then able to eliminate several levels of approval and many mid-tier processors.
Students gain access through ATRRS school code 699.
Five courses are offered and are available via ATRRS.
For a full description of the old course see the ATRRS Catalog at https://atrrs.
First lieutenants and captains may enroll in the C5 via ATRRS.
On the ATRRS gadget, choose Take Self Development Courses.
Information on the following classes can be found in the ATRRS at https://www.
This split was brought to the attention of the NCO Academy with the release of the most recent ATRRS reflecting The Army Training System (TATS) BNCOC Common Core (Phase D and Chemical BNCOC (Phase II).
We have not yet filled the 30 percent of the MTSA funded class seats in ATRRS.
Enrollment is available through the Army Training Requirements and Resource System (ATRRS); the ATRRS website is at https://www.