ATRSArkansas Teacher Retirement System
ATRSAutomated Transport and Retrieval System
ATRSAerial Targets Squadron
ATRSAutomated Trouble Reporting System
ATRSAutomatic Turbine Run-up System
ATRSArkansas Therapeutic Recreation Society
ATRSAutomatic Target Recognition System
ATRSAviation Training Research Simulator
ATRSAdvance Tactical Radar System
ATRSApplication Text Retrieval System
ATRSAdvanced Temporary Roof Support (mining)
ATRSAutomated Time Reporting System
ATRSAssociation Togolaise de la Recherche Scientifique (French: Togolese Association for Scientific Research; Lomé, Togo)
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you often need to get into longer term investments that provide a great level of safety and also enhance the smoothing of risk while at the same time providing enhanced returns," said George Hopkins, executive director of ATRS.
Defendant ATRS created, agreed to and did conduct and participate in the conduct of the enterprise's affairs through a pattern of racketeering activity and for the unlawful purpose of defrauding Plaintiffs," it is alleged in the complaint.
This is our first market, our roots are here and we are so grateful to Dallas Fort Worth families and residents for cleaning their closets and keeping textiles out of DFW landfills with us since 2001,” says Debra Stevenson Peganyee, ATRS Chief Marketing Officer, “We are proud to be joining other leading green companies and participating in Earth Day Dallas for the first time.
The ATRS is a network of aviation academic researchers in the world and is part of the World Conference on Transport Research Society.
In this fourteenth year of the ATRS Conference 319 participants attended and 247 papers were presented, while the Aviation and Airport Track sessions in the WCTR (Topic A1) had 69 presentations.
Our report shows that the world's most efficient airports are supplementing core income with money generated through non-aeronautical revenue streams, such as parking, office rentals, retail activity and real estate development," ATRS President Professor Oum said.
ATRS officials clearly did not understand the derivatives they were trading, and ATRS became the only state pension system in the U.
This marks the 13th year ATL has received the Efficiency Excellence Award from ATRS, a worldwide research network guided by a 16-member task force of leading academics from Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.
ATRS owns nine farm properties scattered from Indiana to Idaho and from Wisconsin to Florida.
We extend our gratitude to the many people that contributed to the ATRS Athens Conference: the organization team, the participants through their presentations and enlightening comments and discussions, and those who refereed papers before and after the conference.
It will allow us to get ATRS into the hands of those who need it," said Tom Panzarella, Freedom Sciences' CTO and ATRS lead system engineer.
In light of actuarial projections, is ATRS looking to alter its 6 percent mandatory contribution for members?