ATSACAutomated Traffic Surveillance and Control System
ATSACAir Traffic Specialist Association of Canada
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Nationally recognized, the ATSAC System was developed, and is managed by, the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation.
Each dollar expended for the ATSAC program results in $32 million in tangible benefits for recurrent travel conditions.
Dynalectric will be responsible for upgrading and/or replacing 72 traffic signal controllers involved in the Coliseum/Florence II ATSAC project, including various modifications to existing traffic signal poles, gear, and wiring at all locations.
We are pleased to continue our work with Los Angeles Department of Transportation on this citywide project, following the completion of other ATSAC work for the City of Los Angeles," stated Johnny Menninga, President, Dynalectric Los Angeles.
Dynalectric Los Angeles will be responsible for the installation of electrical systems in one area of the ATSAC project within the northern section of Los Angeles referred to as 'Reseda II ATSAC'.
Dynalectric's scope of work for the San Pedro ATSAC project includes an upgrade or replacement of 64 traffic signal controllers, including various modifications to existing traffic signal poles, gear, and wiring at all locations.
According to a memo last month from an official of the Bureau of Design and ATSAC, the city only leased overnight parking in the building's massive garage.
In a December 27 memo, Glen Ogura, a manager with the Bureau of Design and ATSAC, said he told division employees to find other parking for the cars.
A field investigation revealed that the closest regularly available non-metered parking is about four blocks from the office,'' reads the ATSAC memo.
In addition, a search for non-metered parking a minimum of four blocks from the ATSAC office will decrease productivity substantially.
The Transportation Department, in addition to ATSAC, has figured out how to build its own traffic signals more cheaply and uses thermal-plastic to stripe city streets.
The Valley has just 29 percent of the city's traffic signals, but has a quarter of the ATSAC system.